Ship2me to introduce daily deliveries from UK

From 8 September, Jersey Post will be enhancing its Ship2me service and will begin to offer daily shipping to the Channel Islands.

Ship2me is a freight forwarding service that operates between the UK south coast and the Channel Islands. Currently based at a warehouse in Southampton, the Ship2me depot will be relocating from to a dedicated depot in Portsmouth from 8 September.

With limited retail choice in the Channel Islands, and dramatic forecast decline in traditional mail volumes and associated revenue, Jersey Post launched Ship2me in 2008 to help local residents import goods from UK retailers currently unable to ship to the Channel Islands. The service provides assistance with VAT and Customs declaration and offers a quick and easy way to expand into the buoyant Channel Island’s market.

The move to a dedicated warehouse facility will help to enhance the service provided to Ship2me customers by facilitating deliveries into the hub from UK delivery companies.

In addition, the change in location will enable faster delivery times from the UK for Ship2me customers. At present, Ship2me offers twice weekly sailings, but the change in warehouse location will facilitate daily sailings from Monday to Friday into both Jersey and Guernsey.

On 19 August, having secured regulatory approval from the Channel Islands Competition Regulatory Authority, Jersey Post acquired Fraser Freight, a premium logistics services company based in Portsmouth. The purchase of Fraser Freight represents an exciting opportunity for Jersey Post to expand a number of its current business operations, in particular its routes into Europe, and therefore fill the deficit left by continuing volume decline in its core business.

One of the first changes to be made as a result of the deal will be the relocation of the existing Ship2me UK warehouse which is currently based in Southampton. From 8 September, the Ship2me delivery depot will be relocated to the Fraser Freight premises in Portsmouth.

More information on the Ship2me service can be found at


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