Jersey Post boosts its electric power

Jersey Post has introduced 15 electric vans into its postal delivery fleet as part of an ongoing infrastructure upgrade.

The electric vans, a Nissan e-NV200 model, are replacing some of the existing vehicles within the Jersey Post fleet. The company already uses the same model in diesel form and is very pleased with the performance and increased 4m3 load capacity that this vehicle offers.

Jersey Post’s current vehicle fleet has over 110 vans the majority of which are on a rolling four-year warranty agreement. With at least 32 of the current fleet approaching this milestone, Jersey Post has worked with a number of local suppliers, namely Jersey Electricity, Freelance as well as Nissan, to source a solution that not only worked financially, but that also provided a good fit with the company’s CSR policy of minimising the impact of the delivery infrastructure on our island and the wider environment.

The move will reduce Jersey Post’s carbon footprint by 35 tonnes a year, as each van’s emissions will reduce by around 95%. The acquisition of 15 e-NV200s is just the start of the de-carbonisation of Jersey Post’s 110-vehicle fleet as the utility intends to replace other diesel vehicles as and when they come to the end of their warranty.

Andy Jehan, Director of Operations at Jersey Post stated, ‘Not only are these vehicles fantastic in terms of their minimal impact on the environment, but they offer a great load capacity and are very well suited to the type of stop/start driving over short distances that is typical of life in Jersey. The added bonus is that the solution we agreed on is actually very cost-effective over a four-year period, potentially a saving of up to 40% over four years, compared to our previous arrangements.’


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