Hactl Truck Flow Management Speeds Processing and Boosts Security

The latest phase of a truck flow management program has slashed queues, speeded up processing times, increased parking capacity and enhanced security at Hactl’s SuperTerminal 1 – the single largest multi-level air cargo terminal in the world – which receives over 2000 trucks per day, delivering exports and collecting imports.


Manned Check Booths at vehicle entry points have been replaced with automated lanes that register trucks, and obtain details of vehicle size and purpose of visit. Together with the doubling of entry lanes, these have eliminated queues at peak hours. At the same time, the implementation of a fair usage policy has ensured the availability of parking space for legitimate customers and visitors.

Vehicles visiting SuperTerminal 1 can also pre-register their arrival using the COSAC-Mobile app, and take advantage of a fast-track entry lane fitted with ANPR (Automated Number Plate Recognition) equipment, that further reduces average entry time by 70% to just 5 seconds.


Unlike similar facilities, Hactl’s Truck Flow Management systems incorporating ANPR do not require vehicles to be pre-fitted with access tags – so giving freight agents greater flexibility in the deployment of their fleets and the use of sub-contractors’ vehicles, and avoiding complex application procedures and tag costs.

In addition to improved access systems, the installation of two new self-service kiosks next to the Truck Control Office (TCO) is enabling truckers to register their vehicles for shipment collections, and check status, more quickly. Compared to manned counters, the TCO self-service kiosks have reduced average vehicle processing time to one third.

Once trucks are registered and parked at the truck park, a new, automated system calls them forward to a designated vacant loading bay via Smartphone notifications and voice announcements.


Says Hactl Chief Executive Mark Whitehead: ‘The Truck Flow Management Program has transformed vehicle movements at Hactl’s SuperTerminal 1. We have ensured ample parking space for vehicles visiting Hactl on cargo-related business, speeded up processing times for drivers and their vehicles, made queues a thing of the past, and enhanced security through additional validation of visitors.’

Adds Freddie Lam, Chairman of the Hong Kong Association of Aircargo Truckers: ‘Hactl’s Truck Flow Management Program has given us a new perspective on SuperTerminal 1. The ANPR system and self-service kiosks have speeded up processing times for drivers and their vehicles. Overall, these are very positive changes.’


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