PM’s bold terms for Brexit welcomed by MD of leading logistics firm

The Prime Minister’s Brexit speech is being dubbed as her clearest indication yet of the deal she wants with the EU – UK access to the European Single Market but no membership of it and a tariff-free customs union with Europe but freedom to sign deals with other countries.

Managing Director of ambitious logistics operator Europa Worldwide, Andrew Baxter – a vocal supporter of the Vote Leave campaign – says these top-line details of the future for post-Brexit Britain are welcome, and what he expected.

He said: ‘I was pleased to hear the resolve and conviction in the Prime Minister’s speech yesterday, which outlined the type of Brexit I expected and support. On all things other than the customs union – such as immigration control, leaving the single market and control over our own laws – I felt Mrs May was crystal clear.

‘In regards to the customs union, I’d like to see the most simplified system of trading between the UK and Europe as possible, with as few barriers as possible. If customs clearance is reinstated, it is vital that the government understands the need for greater resources to accommodate the system to ensure goods can be cleared as quickly as possible.

‘I’d like to see a 24-hour customs clearance system which would massively speed up the movement of shipments. I’d also suggest the government creates a working group to look at how to optimise customs clearance if it is reinstated.’

Andrew’s £100m turnover business employs 600 people and 75 per cent of its business is with Europe. Its headquarters in Dartford was where Boris Johnson formally launched the Vote Leave campaign.

Andrew has stood by his predictions about leaving the EU throughout the campaign and continued to do so since the referendum result was announced – stating, for example, that the UK’s economy would not enter a recession, unemployment figures would not rocket and the competitiveness of his sector would not be at risk.


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